Professional Hosting & Support Services

Website hosting

In today's tech-savvy world, hosting a website is just as important to your company success and reputation. Who would have guessed that many smaller companies are paying for their own web host? A lot of times this ends in disaster when the lack of understanding leads to problems with downtime or security breaches.

Hosting your website can be one of the most important aspects when it comes to creating a new site. Many smaller and mid-sized companies underestimate how essential hosting is for their business, only to end up with an unpleasant outcome.

Maintaining a website requires continuous monitoring. Keeping the modules up-to date that were used to create your project is very important for security purposes. People often don't realize they could be targeted by hackers without knowing it, as there are automatic bots scanning websites and sending an attack automatically once vulnerability has been detected on a site.

Website speed

How fast is your hosting? Is your website using a caching system? Does it use a database or individual files for storage? What kind of memory does the server have: SSDs, HDDs, shared servers, dedicated servers. These and many other questions that we should ask our potential clients often don't cross their minds. At DMX Agency we are making sure you get websites with content well-protected as they loads quickly!


Do you back up your site regularly? Is the backup on another server? Or whether it's at a different data center (if you've heard about OVH fires in 2021, then I'm sure that this post resonates with you). Have You ever tried to do test-restore from backups just to make sure everything works as expected. Do You also backup files & databases too? How often do You perform these backup jobs - does Your business require them backed up every day or once in a week...? If you are hosting your website through us, there are NO worries because we take care of backups!

Updates & Web Security

After all the effort on creating the website, it's very important to keep it secure. Keep your webiste updated regularly!  Most of people forgets this aspect and many times they find this when it's too late. When malware attacks the site, it's sometimes really hard to clean it properly. So this is another key element, keep your site backed up regularly! 

DMX Agency provides website hardening services, where we analyze the hosting, plugins, cms and make it more secure. We do things like hosting configuration, web server configuration, database optimization, code optimization, usernames and password management. Stay secure!